May 19, 2019

Why It’s Worth Installing Commercial Air Conditioning In Your Gold Coast Office

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Nothing quite beats the feeling of walking into your cool, air-conditioned home after spending hours in traffic in the hot sun or working outdoors. You can kick back and relax and let the stresses of the day fall away. Have you thought about the impact it has on your workplace? If you don’t have commercial air conditioning in your Gold Coast office, your employees and clients could be suffering without you knowing it. If you’re still undecided as to whether to invest in such a system, here’s why it’s worth it.
  • It Increases Productivity
No employer would expect their workers to work in unbearably hot temperatures. However, just because temperatures aren’t as warm as they could be, doesn’t mean they’re comfortable. According to occupational health and safety guidelines, anywhere between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius is optimal, depending on what the conditions are like outside. Studies have shown that people have slower reaction times and perform poorly in cognitive testing when they’re not at an optimal temperature.
  • It Increases Sales
When you own store, your aim is for potential customers to enter and take their time before leaving. You want them to sit down and enjoy your meals (if you own a café), browse your wares (if you own a store) or ask you questions (if you offer a service). Will they do this if they’re sweating, uncomfortable and irritable? Your staff members can be as well trained and friendly as can be but if your office isn’t inviting customers won’t want to linger longer.
  • It Keeps Things Clean
Most offices are hives of activity, with your doors constantly opening and closing as people enter and exit. Employees are continually walking up and down, printing, eating and inadvertently making a mess. While regular cleaning services are essential, having a functional air conditioning system will dramatically reduce the amount of dust and dirt in circulation, making your offices easier to maintain. If you’re still on the fence about investing in a commercial air conditioning system for your Southport or Gold Coast office, you can now see there are more reasons to get one installed than not to get one. If you want more information or you want air conditioning installation contact Refresh Air Australia today.

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