Jul 17, 2019

Six Ways You Can Benefit From Ducted Air Conditioning On Your Gold Coast Property

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Seasonal changes can be a pain in the neck if you own a commercial or residential property. Not only does it cost money to regulate the temperature indoors, it’s also difficult to decide which type of unit to install. Anyone who lives on the Gold Coast will be familiar with the scorching summers and nippy winters that the region experiences year in and year out. How can you manage these changes? In this blog, we focus on ducted air conditioning and all the perks it can bring.

1. Consistent Temperatures Throughout The Seasons

Having to swap out a fan for a heater and vice versa, over and over isn’t ideal. A ducted system erases the need for this tedious activity, allowing you to maintain the perfect temperature year round, all at just the touch of a button.

2. Clean Air For Better Health

Ducted air conditioning filters out impurities in the air, making it healthier for people to breathe and decreasing the prevalence of respiratory issues and allergies being triggered.

3. Money Saved On Utility Expenses

Ducted air conditioning is also cost efficient. You get value for money as the unit works with your existing conditions to generate the right temperature while using as little power as possible, translating to lower electricity costs than other heating and cooling methods.

4. A Neat Aesthetic To Complement Any Home

As the unit will be installed in a cavity (such as in the roof), only its vents and operational buttons will be visible, so there’s no risk of a massive eye-sore. The finish is neat and clean, so your decor won’t be disturbed.

5. Easy Maintenance Anyone Can Keep Up With

In order to keep your unit clean you just have to give the vents a wipe every now and then to clean away any dust build-up. This, as well as scheduling a yearly service with a trusted professional will keep everything in tip top condition. At Refresh Air Australia, we provide this kind of service, so all you need to do is call us for help.

6. A Higher Property Value

Investing in ducted air conditioning could also put more money in your pocket in the long run. Potential buyers will be willing to spend more money on property that already has a working unit installed.

Contact Refresh Air Australia to learn about top quality ducted air conditioning on the Gold Coast.

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