Stress free air conditioning service  is what everyone wants. Without the proper air conditioning maintenance break downs can occur. Much like your family car, poor maintenance can significantly shorten your system's life span. So it is important to keep your system in a well maintained and healthy condition.

We offer tailored air conditioning service and maintenance plans to suit your needs across the Gold Coast and Southport. We specialise in restaurants, offices, and small business. We can easily add you to our 3, 6 or 12 month scheduled service program at a price that is set before we attend.

There is nothing worse than an aircon that does not work. Turning your unit on for the first time in summer could result in a funny noise, a blast of hot air, and a terrible smell. This is most likely because the unit desperately needs a service. Air-conditioning units need to be on a regular service plan, even when not in use during the colder months. Refresh Air offers a 3, 6 or 12-month service schedule for your home or office unit.

Keeping your system well maintained will significantly lengthen its lifespan. Similar to a car or any other form of mechanical objects, regular services are imperative to a long and healthy life. Skipping services even when you are not using the unit can result in much more significant issues that could have been prevented.

Refresh Air offers a tailor-made service plan to suit your individual unit or systems needs. We take into account its age, brand and workload. Let us have a look at your restaurant, office, home or small business system and keep it in the best shape possible. Our process is set in place before we attend to your unit, so you will not receive any nasty bill shock. We offer both long term plans and once-off checks.

Some of our Services Include:

  • Filter clean or replace
  • Drains inspected and flushed
  • Refrigerant pressures checked
  • Coils Cleaned
  • Electronic components inspected

Refresh Air specialises in air conditioning maintenance on the Gold Coast and  Southport. We have many years in the industry, and there is very little that we have not seen. Do not hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly customer service department to schedule service and maintenance for your ducted air conditioning system.  Our highly qualified and experienced technicians are standing by to help you to solve your aircon issues.

Feel free to get in touch with our expert team on, or call 1300 791 583. We will send a qualified agent out to your location to begin your air conditioning installation or perform the necessary service and maintenance on the Gold Coast and Southport. Or you could enter your details in the Contact Us form, and we will organise it all for you.

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